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I am a student at Arizona State University, expecting to graduate with a bachelor's in Philosophy by the Spring of 2023. 
I graduated with a bachelor of science in Digital Audiences from ASU in 2019. This, paired with my experience in the social media sector, influence my research interests. I am an optimistic futurist that advocates for the repurposing, quite literally, of ancient and modern ideology, emphasizing discovery, humility, and accessibility in my work.
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We are experiencing an intense shift as AI technologies become rapidly more accessible and gain public interest. It is my intention to prepare future generations for an inevitable reality that will fully integrate these technologies in every field. Preview the 9-12 course I am building titled, "Introduction to AI."
Also, please view my "Philosophical Thought" course which is designed to teach philosophical concepts removed from humanistic identity structures.
Preparing Future Generations
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Samantha Robyn 


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Subjects that interest me include aesthetics, ancient Greek philosophy, eastern philosophy (classical), epistemology, ethics, philosophy of science (data and AI), philosophy of mind, and meta philosophies.

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S.R. KURDAS | Essays and Analysis

Inquisition & Introspection

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As I continue to learn and reflect on the works I encounter in college and during my personal study, I continue to unravel my own thoughts, arguments, and theories. Select a topic to explore brief writings, essays, and more in that category.

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