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Robyn Norrah

Philosopher & Creative Director

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I am a student at Arizona State University, expecting to graduate with a masters in Psychology by the Spring of 2025.  I graduated from ASU with a bachelor of science in Digital Audiences in 2019, returning to complete my second degree in Philosophy in 2023.
My academic research, paired with my experience in brand management, has influenced my drive use aesthetic methods in media and marketing for ethical purposes. I consider myself an optimistic futurist that advocates for a genuine sense of inclusivity and connectedness in creative expressions. My academic work explores concepts of identity and knowledge, emphasizing themes of discovery, humility, and accessibility in my work.
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In 2024, I will be bringing my philosophical inquiries and independent theories to social media platforms under the handle @postaxiom. In this space, I will be exploring challenging concepts surrounding identity structures, social constructs, and the fate of our future by observing concepts such as sexism, racism, classism, and ableism. My intention is to nurture a safe space to hold conversations and normalize addressing such themes. 
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Encouraging Deep Outrospection

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Subjects that interest me include: aesthetics, applied ethics (Data and AI), epistemology, existentialism, philosophy of education, philosophy of mind, political philosophy, virtue ethics, behaviorism, cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, and social psychology.

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R.N. | Essays and Analysis

Inquisition & Introspection

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As I reflect on what I learn at university and during my personal study, I continue to unravel my own thoughts, arguments, and theories. Select a topic to explore brief writings, essays, poetry and more by category.

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